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Pay by PayPal here, or mail the form and the $200 Mom & Dad fee payable to Houston Presbyterian Pilgrimage to:

  • Johnna Cormier
  • Houston Area Celebration Registrar
  • 7811 Vickijohn Dr.
  • Houston, TX 77071

Or contact Johnna at  or 409.626.2897

Houston Area Celebration #24 Participant and Staff Covenants

Participants made the following commitments when they signed their applications to attend Celebration:

Celebration is an opportunity to explore your faith and experience the love of Christ. If you're able to attend Houston Area Celebration, you agree to:

  • exhibit appropriate Christian behavior and actively participate in events during the weekend
  • refrain from use of any illegal drugs, prescription drugs not prescribed for you, alcohol, or tobacco products
  • accept and respect the decisions of the adult leaders during the weekend
The youth staff made the following Staff Covenants when they completed their applications: (as modified for adults)

Celebration is an opportunity to serve as Christ's representative to others. If I am selected for a staff role at Celebration #24, I agree to:

  • serve other participants and staff during the weekend, which means I may have to make appropriate personal sacrifices in order to live out my faith and demonstrate the love of Christ.
  • attend the training session (date TBD) so that I am spiritually and mentally prepared to serve the Celebration participants in my assigned role. (Note the Mom/Dad training session is (date TBD).)
  • write one piece of handwritten Caritas for each participant and one piece of handwritten Caritas for each staff member. I will turn this Caritas in to the Head Caritas Gopher upon my arrival at camp. Caritas for participants, in all of its forms, will be my first priority.
  • serve the participants with energy, imagination, enthusiasm and unconditional love, abiding by the necessary bedtimes set by the Moderator in order to do so. I also agree to model appropriate Christian behavior, actively participating in all group activities during the weekend.
  • refrain from use of any illegal drugs or prescription drugs not prescribed for me, including all alcohol and tobacco products. I understand that the consequences of breaking this covenant are loss of my staff role and having to leave the Celebration weekend.
  • agree to submit to a background check and special training if I will be 18 by the time of HAC #24.
  • accept and respect the decisions of the adult leaders during the weekend.


Online Registration Form

Application for Houston Area Celebration

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Houston Area Celebration #24 (HAC 24)

November 21-23, 2020

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Celebration is a faith-building event provided by young people, for young people, with youth staff providing most of the weekend leadership. All Moms and Dads are part of the staff, participating in essential guidance, support and chaperone roles, including sleeping in staff or participant cabins. Also, five specialized Mom & Dad roles, called Mentors, provide dedicated guidance to a team Head. While it is very helpful, but not absolutely essential, to have previous Pilgrimage, Cursillo, or Celebration staff experience to be a Mom or Dad, it is essential for a Mentor Mom or Dad, especially in the corresponding Pilgrimage, Cursillo, or Celebration area.

Please indicate your preferred staff role for the weekend:     
Regular Mom/Dad  Family Leader Mentor Family Gopher Mentor  Music Mentor  
Caritas/Happening Team Mentor (on-site prayer/staff support) 

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